If you are looking for talented young adults to join your workforce – look no further, you are in the right place!


We are fortunate to be based in Leeds which has a wealth of employers of all shapes and sizes across a range of sectors and a focus on being a “compassionate city with a strong economy”.

Since 2015, we have supported 254 young people to develop employability skills, including creating over 100 supported internship opportunities.  Our results over the past two years, despite the impact of the global pandemic, have been remarkable, with success rates of between 80-90% in terms of students moving into paid employment.

Here are some of the ways employers can support our work.


As well as the on-the-job learning, we believe it is important that interns understand all the different elements that running a business entails. Each year, therefore, teams of interns work on an enterprise project where they learn how to set up a business of their own including: research, design & development, pricing and marketing.  Last year they worked with the Harrogate Candle Company to design and launch a new candle brand


Some employers have opened up their training academy to our students, providing them access to top quality training courses run by professional tutors. This helps them develop key skills and contributes to their c.v.’s.   In 2020 Skybet ran two 2-week courses on coding, each with 5 students.  They were so impressed with one of them that they offered him a Job.

Supported Internships

This is our flagship programme which consists of a 10-month work placement where one of our students is working at an employer’s base undertaking a real job. We provide trained Job Coaches to work alongside workplace buddies to help our interns develop the social and employability skills that they need to move into paid employment.  See our list of internship hosts below.


Trying to decide what kind of job or future career you want when you are 16 can be daunting and confusing. What does a Lab Technician really do?  Do I have the right skills to be a chef?  We are fortunate in having a range of employees, including some who run their own business, who are happy to come and talk to our students and answer some of these and other questions.

Work Trials

We have supported some employers with work trials where they have offered a work placement to a young adult with support needs and we have supported their staff, and the student, for a trial period. The aim is that, at the end of the trial, the employer will offer the student a role, having learnt, at first hand, just how skilled they are.


Our aim is to ensure that each of our interns has access to a mentor who they may speak/meet with on a regular basis to help them get a better personal understanding of what it is like to be in employment, as well as helping develop communication and other skills.

We would be delighted to speak to any employers interested in some of the areas above, of with ideas of other ways you can support our work. Please contact Adele Williams at