LD Employment Task Group

Leeds City Council, working with partners across the city, has developed a strategy called “Being Me” which explains how Leeds is going to change the way people think about Learning Disability. (https://democracy.leeds.gov.uk/documents/s174420/LLDPB%20Being%20Me%20Appendix%201%20Strategy%20Document%20060418.pdf).

The strategy includes 3 pledges: Being Well, Being Safe and Being Connected, each with a series of actions and areas of focus.  One of the key headings under the Being Connected pledge is Employment, with some specific areas to focus on.  In 2020, a group was set up with representatives from the Council, NHS, Department for Work and Pensions and a range of 3rd sector/charity organisations to co-ordinate activity across the City.   This is called the Learning Disability Employment Task Group.

The work is co-ordinated by the Development Worker for Learning Disabilities from Forum Central, hosted by Volition.  Members have recently agreed to set up 3 sub-groups:


For further information please contact: jez.coram@forumcentral.org