Our Beginnings…

For the past 3 decades our CEO Katie has been a driven, dynamic and creative business woman, building successful companies in the IT industry. She is also the parent to 2 amazing kids, one of which, her daughter, has Autism and Rett Syndrome. She has taken Katie’s family on a wonderful journey of love and discovery where life sometimes has been very bleak and other times (mostly) brimming with joy and pride, celebrating her achievements. She brings a ray of sunshine to everyone she meets.

Through the needs of her daughter and those of 4 families also with children on the autistic spectrum the team came together to build a very special school, Lighthouse School, which was the first special Free School in the country. Their collective business skills, tenacity, drive, and passion created a unique school focussing on destinations for life to ensure all young people have better life chances.

As a team this journey has now taken us into Preparation for Adulthood to ensure that on leaving school our children are equipped with the experiences, skills, confidence and self-esteem to succeed. This is the focus of our charity. After a great education, we are building that bridge for the young people to ensure employment success.

Having spent so many years working in business, Katie is putting all her experience and connections to good use to bring special education together with the business world in a way that enables the employer to tap into the hidden talents of our amazing young people and allow each student to shine.