We are very fortunate in having an incredibly talented and dedicated team of staff who, every day, go above and beyond to ensure that we inspire and support each of our students to do the best they can.


  • CEO – Katie Parlett
  • Operations Director – Sally-Anne Greenfield
  • Finance Manager – Nicola Wood
  • Administrator – Rada Grkinic
  • Administrator – Stacey Mellish-Stott
  • Administrator/Receptionist  – Gabby
  • Finance Assistant – Fletcher

Specialist Support

  • Danielle Cunningham, Curriculum and Quality Manager
  • Shelley Daniels, SEND Support
  • Emily Fewtrell, Counsellor and Wellbeing Manager

Student Support

Head of Education – Adele Williams

Supported Intern Team

  • Eva Basar – Senior Job Coach
  • Jasmin Brown
  • Karen Buchanan – Senior Job Coach
  • Marie Dalzell
  • Anisa Francis
  • Steve Greenfield
  • Hollie Senior
  • Jak Simmons
  • Lucie Spark-Guillaume
  • Paul Whittaker
  • Michael Williams

Pre-intern Team

  • Petar Grkinic – Senior Job Coach
  • Beth Addyman
  • Andy Brown
  • Maddie Dalzell
  • Ross Burton
  • Julie Parr
  • Wendy Sanderson
  • John Walker

Branching Out

  • Craig Darlington
  • Eleanor Richmond


  • Maria Milner (English/Maths)
  • Shelley Daniels (English)
  • Chantelle Birchall (English)


Sally-Anne Greenfield, Operations Director.   Following a 30-year career in the charity sector, including 14 years as CEO of Leeds Community Foundation, Sally-Anne is responsible for our fundraising, strategy development and operations.