We are very fortunate in having an incredibly talented and dedicated team of staff who, every day, go above and beyond to ensure that we inspire and support each of our students to do the best they can.


  • CEO – Katie Parlett
  • Operations Director – Sally-Anne Greenfield
  • Finance Manager – Nicola Wood
  • Programmes Co-ordinator –  Karen Horner
  • Administrator – Rada Grkinic

Student Support

Head of Education – Adele Williams

  • Job Coach Team:
    • Emily Fewtrell – Senior Job Coach
    • Emma Barrow
    • Ross Burton
    • Jodie Jones
    • Marie Dalzell
    • Damian Drury
    • Eva Basar
    • Naomi Gilby-Stobbart
    • Petar Grkinic
    • Steve Greenfield
    • Ross Burton
  • Branching Out Manager: Mark Houltram
  • Tutor: Chantelle Birchall


Nicola is a qualified Chartered Accountant with experience in a number of small and medium sized businesses in all aspects of a finance function, including: day to day accounting, supporting directors with strategy and dealing with external advisors.


Sally-Anne Greenfield, Operations Director.   Following a 30-year career in the charity sector, including 14 years as CEO of Leeds Community Foundation, Sally-Anne is responsible for our fundraising, strategy development and operations.


My career since graduating has been varied; I have worked as a graphic designer and a teacher for over 15 years prior to working for LFT, and I am now a part time student, studying a diploma in counselling and psychotherapy.  When I’m not working or studying I love to spend time with my husband and 2 children, take our dog for walks, bake yummy treats, attend a lively local church and run-lead for my local running club.


I run ‘Branching Out’ which is the gardening arm of Lighthouse Futures Trust. I’m passionate about working with young people with additional needs and also about gardening which I developed through owning allotments. In my spare time my interests include music and cycling and I am a self-confessed coffee nerd.


I’m Jodie, and I came to Lighthouse as I was passionate about community and social causes; with an emphasis on looking holistically at the individual to help them overcome any obstacles. It is important to me that people with disabilities can access work should they want to, and reach their own maximum potential, explore their hidden talents and shake up the status quo!


I provide Administrative and Programme support to the Operations and Internship team. I have worked in the non-profit community for the last 11 years and look forward to gaining knowledge of Further Education.