How to Apply

In order to join our programme you need to be between the ages of 16-24 and have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) that indicates employment or supported employment as being your next stage.   Most of our students have a mild-moderate learning difficulty, autism or social/emotional or mental health support need but we can be very flexible in terms of our admissions.

If you are still at School or College, your tutors/support staff will be able to help you make an enquiry and help you find out more about the programme.  If you are not in education or employment, and/or are living independently, feel free to contact us directly.

Throughout the year, we offer tours of the College and 1-1 meetings with our team in order to tell you more about the programme, and for us to learn about your ambitions.

If we both agree that Lighthouse Futures Trust is right for you, we enter into a consultation period with the local authority and, hopefully, you name us as your provider and we proceed with the enrolment process.

Adele Williams, Head of Education will be able to support your consultation and Enrolment process.