Talent City

Talent City is our supported internship programme in which we aim to place our students into appropriate roles within a fully supported environment planned and run by our experienced job coaches.

Who is involved?

Student Interns aged between 16 to 25 who are on role at Lighthouse School or on role at one of the local SILC’s (special Schools) or Leeds City College.

What is a Group Supported Internship? 

We work with students with an autistic spectrum condition or learning disability.  These groups of young adults have a 6% chance of employment across a lifetime, however 93% have the desire to work and have the talents and ability to do a great job if supported into a role if the role is an ideal match for their skills and talents and if they have a chance to shine outside of traditional recruitment processes. We work with groups of between 3 and 7 interns in a single organisation and these are supported by one or two job coaches on a full time basis.  The ideal size is 6 students which enables us to deploy 2 job coaches but we are happy to consider smaller group sizes if we can run with 2 organisations within close proximity.  The programme lasts a year for each group and follows the school calendar.

What does Lighthouse Futures Trust provide to ensure success?

  • We undertake all the pre go-live planning
  • We select students based on suitability to an organisation
  • We job carve with managers to develop new roles for the interns
  • We train all staff that will be working with the Interns
  • We learn the new roles so we can train the interns
  • We QA the work and have regular reviews with departments
  • We provide daily support to each intern as and when they need it.
  • We provide an App so that once the student is successful in the role, the support can be tapered which allows the Interns to develop more resilience and independence in a work environment.

What does the Client provide?

Our clients are requested to provide a small office or base for the Interns so that on arrival each morning they can work with the job coaches on a BTEC in Workskills prior to attending their departmental roles. This programme is designed as Low Input-High Gain so we do most of the work in both set-up phase and Go-Live phase. There will be some time required on a daily basis from colleagues but this will not be significant. It should not interrupt employees own work patterns or affect their own productivity except in a positive way.

What are the benefits?

So far, outcomes for students have been high with the majority of Interns succeeding in gaining employment in either the host company or through recruitment during their final term whereby other potential employers can come in and see the interns successfully working. The host organisations have all reported significant increase in productivity through the large contribution that the Interns make combined with huge amounts of increased motivation from colleagues. Employees quickly start to value interns as colleagues and often forget that they are even interns. We are coming to the end of our first Group Supported Internship with 7 students at Yorkshire Water.

All Feedback to date has exceeded expectation. Yorkshire Water, the Interns, their families and all at Lighthouse Futures Trust are delighted with the vast progress and the smooth running of the programme.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you are an employer and are interested in learning more about how you could make a positive difference to our students and to your business we’d love to hear from you.

Please send us a message via our Contact form.