The Lighthouse School…

In 2005 five mums met at an autism seminar in Leeds sharing their fears for their children’s futures in terms of appropriate secondary education, jobs and careers as young adults. Their friendship and support for each other grew and one parent asked if anyone would be interested in starting a school for all the families in the community who had the same fears. From that point a clear vision started to crystallise around creating a future for our children now.  This meant building a world class, specialist autism school which focusses on destination learning, life skills as well as national qualifications to equip young people with confidence and self-esteem. Students enrolled will receive work experience to successfully grow careers supporting independent living or move into further education.

After years of research and planning (and an unspeakable amount of support and favours from the business and educational community) which took the team up and down the country in pursuit of excellence, Lighthouse School successfully opened its doors as the first Special Free School in the UK in September 2012.

In 2013 after only 4 terms of operating the school achieved ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted.  In 2015 following a three year building project the staff and pupils have been fortunate to move into the prestigious Arthington House benefitting from the outstanding custom-built facilities. The school is growing from strength to strength and all the students are happy, confident and successful learners with great futures.

You can see more on the school’s website.