Lighthouse Futures Trust has very exciting plans for the future.

As a result of the global pandemic, we are all now living in a “new reality” where unemployment has increased significantly and the job market is, in many sectors, even more difficult to penetrate.   That is why we want to create and launch LifeWorks College, a new kind of learning experience with a very clear focus on Employability and Liveability.

As a medium-sized, independent provider we are able to be responsive and flexible and create a new and much more relevant curriculum to reflect current and future employment needs in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Our approach is unique because of its focus on a curriculum that develops Employability skills, as opposed to a topic or vocation-based curriculum.   It will have strong input from business leaders both in terms of programme design and delivery and is based on the concept of Exploratory based project learning. Rather than being course-based, it will be project-based with Learning Labs replacing classroom-style rooms and offering practical learning experiences and on-the-job learning in environments that emulate the real work-based situation.   These sector-based Learning Labs will focus on different employment sectors – hospitality, catering, administration, IT, media, grounds and site maintenance, etc. linking more directly to employer skills gaps at entry level within the region.

All we need is a 20,000 square foot building in which to house our visionary programme!  We are currently in the process of raising the necessary funds to purchase and re-develop the site where we currently rent some space.  For further enquiries please contact

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